Checkmark Fast task input

Tasks can be created from a widget or from the task list.

Checkmark Voice recognition

Use voice recognition to input text.

Checkmark Flexible task list

The task list shows all important information at a single glance (title, state, category, due date, priority, note, …).

You can sort the task list by due date, priority, task state, task title, category or change date and filter the list based on task state. It’s also easy to select the displayed categories. By the way, you can see multiple categories at once – no need to switch between categories.

Checkmark Due dates & time

Each task may have a due date and a due time assigned.

Checkmark Repeating To-Dos

Tasks can be repeated every x days, weeks, months or years either relative to their due date or their completion date.

Checkmark Alerts

Alerts can be configured individually relative to the tasks due time. You can customize the alerts sound, the sound volume, vibration settings and more.

Checkmark Categories

You can create your own set of categories for sorting and filtering.

Checkmark Notes

Notes can be input with voice recognition and may be displayed in the task list.

Checkmark 5 Priority levels

The task list can be sorted by priority.

Checkmark Search

Search for tasks in Tasks To Do or via Androids quick search feature.

Checkmark Home screen widgets

Always see your tasks on your homescreen. Tasks To Do provides home screen widgets in different sizes.

Checkmark Toodledo Sync

With Tasks To Do’s ability to sync all tasks with Toodledo ( in both directions you can have all your tasks available online. That’s great to sync phone & tablet. Toodledo can sync with many other tools (Google Calendar, Outlook, …), see and

Checkmark Google Tasks Sync

By syncing with Google Tasks, you can have all your tasks available online in GMail and Google Calendar. Tasks To Do syncs all Google Tasks lists in both directions.

Checkmark Phones & Tablets

Tasks To Do runs on any android device with Android 2.1 and higher. For tablets, it includes split-screen layouts.

Checkmark Sharing: E-Mail, Printer, Twitter, Facebook, …

You may use android text sharing to share your tasks via your mail app, twitter app, facebook app or any app that supports android sharing. This way, you can also mail your tasks to your PC or your printer.

Checkmark Multilingual

Tasks To Do supports English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Hungarian and Russian.

Technical Details

Hardware Requirements

✓ Runs on android >= 4.0.3, phones and tablets

Requested Permissions

Tasks To Do Pro

For basic functionality:

✓ „android.permission.READ/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE“ to write backups on the sd-card
✓ „android.permission.VIBRATE“ to be able to vibrate when an alert is triggered
✓ „android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED“ to reactivate alerts after booting
✓ „“ to check the license
✓ „com.als.taskstodo.READ_TASK_DATA“ and „com.als.taskstodo.WRITE_TASK_DATA“ for protected access to Task To Do’s task data

For synchronization with and Google Tasks:

✓ „android.permission.INTERNET“ to exchange data with and Google Tasks
✓ „android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE“ to test if the phone is online
✓ „android.permission.AUTHENTICATE_ACCOUNTS“, „android.permission.WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS“ and „android.permission.MANAGE_ACCOUNTS“ to create the Toodledo account in android
✓ „android.permission.READ_SYNC_SETTINGS“ to trigger the manual synchronization
✓ „android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS“ to find the Toodledo/Google Tasks accounts for synchronization
✓ „android.permission.USE_CREDENTIALS“ to access the toodledo/Google Task passwords for synchronization

Tasks To Do Free

✓ „android.permission.READ/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE“ to write backups on the sd-card
✓ „android.permission.VIBRATE“ to be able to vibrate when an alert is triggered
✓ „android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED“ to reactivate alerts after booting
✓ „android.permission.INTERNET“ and „android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE“ to load ads
✓ „com.als.taskstodo.READ_TASK_DATA“ and „com.als.taskstodo.WRITE_TASK_DATA“ for protected access to Task To Do’s task data

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding all Apps

I purchased one of your apps but now it claims it’s not licenced and asks me to buy it again. What can I do?

The pro and ultimate versions of my apps check the license. If they can not confirm the license (e.g. if they cannot reach the servers) until three days after installation, they display a reminder to buy it. After about a week, they refuse to work.

To check the license, they first try to determine if they were installed via the Google Play Store app. If they can confirm it, they do not perform any other check. Otherwise, they trigger a license validation request to the Google Servers and to Of course, an internet connection is needed for this and it takes some time.

So, what to do? Please make sure you have an internet connection, then start the app (this should trigger a server request) and wait some time for the servers answer (1 minute should be enough). If you then close the app and restart it, it should not complain anymore.

If the license has been confirmed once, no server request is triggered anymore until the app is deinstalled and reinstalled.

If you purchased the via on the Google Play Store, the same account that you used for the purchase has to be setup on your android device.

If you purchased it via AndroidPit, the AndroidPit AppCenter has to be installed and the account you used for the purchase has to be set up in the AppCenter.

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Questions regarding Tasks To Do

How can I transfer tasks from the free to the pro version?

Just make a backup of the tasks in the free version and restore it in the pro version. You can find the backup feature in the option menu.

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How can I sync tasks between multiple Android devices?

You can sync multiple devices with the same account on Toodledo or Google Tasks. We recommend to use Toodledo for this use case since Google Tasks does not support all task fields and thus not all fields can be synced via Google Tasks.

If you use Toodledo, please note that the repetition and alarm settings are synced to an „invisible“ field of Toodledo since the supported features regarding repetitions/alarms of Toodledo and Tasks To Do differ and thus cannot be synced directly. However, since both Android devices sync with this invisible field, repetitions and alerts are synced between the Android devices even though you cannot see the repetition/alert settings on the Toodledo web interface.

See also our FAQ about syncing repetitions and alarms with Toodledo.

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Why are repetition settings and alarms not synced with Toodledo?

The feature sets of Toodledo and Tasks To Do differ significantly regarding repetitions and alarms. Thus, repetition settings and alarms are synced with a hidden field of Toodledo but not with the „official“ fields.

As a consequence, both sides, Toodledo and Tasks To Do, handle repetitions and alarms independently from each other. I.e., you can set repetitions and alarms as you want (no matter if you do it in Tasks To Do or Toodledo). For repetitions, the side with the repetition will create the archive entry and move the event to the new due date. These changes will then be synced to the other side with the next sync. For alarms, the side where you set the alarm, will trigger it on it’s side.

There is no problem if you define alarms on both sides. Repetitions should be defined on one side only, since the behavior can be slightly irritating if both sides create archive entries. We recommend to define them in Tasks To Do since this way the changes performed when a repetition is triggered will be synced to the other side earlier.

See also our FAQ about syncing tasks between multiple Android devices.

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Why does Tasks To Do forget the Toodledo account after a restart?

That’s because of Android bug 34880. Tasks To Do contains a workaround for this issue that’s activated on Android 4.1. Since some devices with Android 4.2 (e.g. the Galaxy S4) seem to be affected too, the next release will activate that workaround for Android 4.2 too.

Until then, it should help to „side-load“ the app. I.e. you may manually install the trial version from You don’t need to uninstall Tasks To Do first. The trial version is 100% identical to the pro version in the Play Store. It just needs to verify your purchase once. You can check the verification status in the apps info dialog: if licensed, the text „licensed“ should appear besides the version number.

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Can Tasks To Do sync with Exchange/Outlook?

Tasks To Do itself cannot directly sync to Outlook. However, the pro version (and the trial version from can sync with Toodledo and there are 3rd-party tools to sync Toodledo with Outlook (see in section „Desktop“).

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Why are alarms not triggered on my Sony device in standby mode?

On some android devices, Sony provides a feature called “extended standby” or “stamina”. If it is activated, alarms are not triggered in standby mode except for apps provided by Sony. With stamina, it’s possible to add Tasks To Do to a whitelist such that alarms are triggered. If your device uses “extended standby”, there’s no other way than to deactivate the “extended standby”.

In the Sony description of the extended standby feature, Sony says: “This is handled in the Android™ AlarmManager, which will not allow apps to schedule wake up alarms during Extended Standby Mode.” Setting alarms using the AlarmManager is the standard method to implement alarms. This means, “extended standby” and “stamina” potentially affect all (non-Sony) apps with an alert feature.

Apparently, Sony intents to counteract apps that use alarms to schedule heavy tasks like e.g. synchronizations. The idea is not to trigger those tasks in standby mode and thus save battery life. However, the proper way to implement synchronization is via an Android feature called a “SyncAdadpter”. Tasks To Do does use SyncAdapters. Using SyncAdapters, Android decides when to start a Synchronization. There’s no need for “extended standby” or “stamina” if the apps you use are implemented properly.

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Free Pro
Purpose Small version Full version, with synchronization
Voice recognition Yes Yes
Repeating Tasks Yes Yes
Alerts Yes Yes
Home-Screen Widgets Yes Yes
Lock-Screen Widgets No Yes
Toodledo Synchronization No Yes
Google Tasks Synchronization No Yes
Ad Supported Yes No
Price Free 4,49€
plus VAT where applicable
Tasks To Do Free on Google Play Tasks To Do Pro on Google Play
Or test the pro version with a 7 day free trial

Privacy Policy for Tasks To Do

Version 1.0 – 2014/10/01

The protection and confidentiality of your data is very important to us. This privacy policy is meant as an easily understandable description of which data we collect and what for.


Dr. Achim Leubner Software
Kranichweg 42
68623 Lampertheim

If you have any questions or concerns about data protection, you can reach us at

Collected Data

Task Data

Of course, to manage your tasks, Tasks To Do has to record the task data you enter into Tasks To Do. Per default, that data is only stored in a local database on your device. If you uninstall Tasks To Do, that database is deleted automatically.

Synchronization (Pro version only)

The pro version of Tasks To Do can synchronize your task data with Google Tasks or Toodledo. Per default, synchronization is not active. You have to explicitly setup synchronization if you want to use it. The login data needed is only collected respectively accessed if you setup synchronization.

Synchronization with Google Tasks

If you configure synchronization with Google Tasks, Tasks To Do needs access to one of the Google accounts configured on your device to access Google Tasks. During the setup of the synchronization, you will be prompted to select a Google account and to allow access to the credentials of that account. The credentials are not stored by Tasks To Do, but by Android itself. If you want to delete the credentials, you have to remove the Google account in the app „Settings“. However, you can of course switch of synchronization in the settings of Tasks To Do.

During synchronization with Google Tasks, your task data is transferred to Google Tasks. In that case, Googles privacy policy applies.

Synchronization with Toodledo

If you configure synchronization with Toodledo, Tasks To Do will ask for your login data for Toodledo. Tasks To Do stores those credentials encrypted on the device. They are deleted when you remove synchronization with Toodledo or when you uninstall Tasks To Do Pro.

During synchronization with Toodledo, your task data is transferred to Toodledo. In that case, Toodledos privacy policy applies.

Error Reports

If a bug is triggered in Tasks To Do, Tasks To Do might suggest to send an error report. The report may contain task data. You will be presented to choose if you want to transmit the data and how, e.g. via your email app. We recommend to use your email app. In that case, you will see all transmitted data and are able to edit the data e.g. to remove confidential data.

Ads (Free version only)

Tasks To Do Free displays ads provided by Google Admob. Thus, the privacy policy of Admob applies. You can manage your ad settings in the App “Google Settings” in section “Ads”.

Usage Information

Currently, application usage information is not tracked. However, we reserve the right to track it in a future version using e.g. Google Analytics for Android, in accordance with Googles privacy policy to determine which features are popular, which features are not, how they are being used, and thus how we can improve the applications.

Amendments to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy. The current version is available at